We can help your clients... 

If you are a lawyer in a firm that has no registered patent attorney or no attorney who is experienced in trademark law or trademark registration procedure, we can advise you and your clients in obtaining patents for inventions and in registering trademarks. We have served for decades as specialized counsel to many attorneys and their clients, and we do so at a reasonable cost and in a manner that reflects well on the originating attorney. A large amount of our work is for companies and individuals who have been referred by other attorneys, or who we work for through other attorneys.  Therefore, if you refer your client’s patent or trademark matters to us, you can rest assured that the client will return to you for all other services.
In particular, we do NOT represent clients in litigation, although we have assisted other attorneys in parts of litigation that pertain to our field. And we do not practice in any areas other than Patent, Trademark and other intellectual property law (e.g., copyright law, trade secret law, and related transactions, such as the licensing and transfer of intellectual property). Because of our practice focus, and the trust we have gained from other attorneys, we are diligent to assist the clients of other attorneys only in the field they ask us to, and we refer the client back for any other services.
The form of our assistance can vary. For example, most attorneys simply refer their clients to us for our specialized work, and we communicate with the client as we would any of our other clients.  Some attorneys prefer to stay actively involved with the client and we update those attorneys as we communicate with the client. Still other attorneys prefer us to perform most or all of the work in the background, so that the client only has to communicate with the originating attorney.
Contact us by email or phone to discuss the best way we can be of assistance.