U.S. Trademark Filing Procedures and Costs

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In the United States of America, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examines trademark applications and awards trademark registrations. In each application the type of goods or services must be described with more detail than is customarily required in many countries. The USPTO observes the international (Nice) classifications for goods or services. Each item of goods and services is assigned to a class and the government fee must be paid for every class the Applicant’s goods or services fall into. Therefore, the government fee listed below should be multiplied by the number of classes.

The prosecution of a trademark application results in additional costs. It is impossible to predict the total amount of these costs, but they typically are in a range between nothing and US$3,000.

A summary of the typical costs for Trademark related
services is as follows:


Trademark Schedule of Fees in U.S. Dollars ($):


Our Fee

Government Fee


Clearence Search - directed to active federal registrations and applications 750.00 0.00 750.00
Comprehensive U.S. Search and Opinion 2,000.00 0.00 2,000.00
Prepare and File U.S. Trademark Application 700.00

(per class)

(one class)
Prosecute U.S. Trademark Application (typical, not including appeal) 0 - 3,000 0.00 0 - 3,000.00
Request for Extension of Time 150.00 150.00
(per class)
(one class)
Prepare and File Amendment to Allege Use or Statement of Use 300.00 100.00
(per class)
(one class)
Prepare and File Five year Affidavit (Section 8 and Section 15) 400.00 300.00
(per class)
(per class)
Renewal Application 500.00 400.00
(per class)
(one class)



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